JOYORD brand was founded by Jack, a person who loves POLO sport and is deeply attracted by the simplicity, leisure and comfort of POLO shirts.

JOYORD consists of two words, "Joy' and "Ord". "Joy" means happiness and joy "Ord" represents order and rules.

The combination of these two words embodies the philosophy of JOYORD brand: to let people enjoy life in comfort and freedom, and adhere to high quality system and rules, providing consumers with the



JOYORD offers two series of POLO shirts:

textured cotton solid-color and polyester printed.

  • The textured cotton shirts exude sophistication, made from premium piqué fabric for comfort and style.
  • The clean color palette adds versatility.
  • The polyester printed shirts showcase our creativity, drawing inspiration from forests, oceans, and traditional Chinese patterns.

Meticulous attention is given to details like collars, cuffs, and buttons to enhance the overall aesthetic.



JOYORD is committed to sustainable fashion.

  • Our POLO shirts are made with eco-friendly materials like organic cotton and recycled polyester.
  • We prioritize sustainable packaging and work with suppliers who follow environmental regulations.
  • By offering durable, high-quality POLO shirts, we aim to reduce consumer waste.
  • We also encourage customers to embrace sustainability

Join us in creating a better future, one stylish and sustainable POLO shirt at a time.



At Joyord, customer experience is our top priority.

  • We offer high-end, eco-friendly fabrics that are meticulously crafted for a comfortable and breathable fit.
  • Our designs reflect the latest trends in colors and patterns, ensuring a timeless and fashionable look.
  • Our online support team is readily available to assist with any inquiries, complaints, or easy returns and exchanges.
  • With personalized customization services and a membership program, we cater to each customer's individual needs and preferences.

At Joyord, we strive to provide an exceptional customer experience that goes beyond selling POLO shirts.